Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I was a donor.

My mother found this blood donor's certificate booklet, again when she was ransacking the boxes in the house.  It appears after long 19 years.  Hey.... I have proof that I was a blood donor before. Although in the record it stated that I managed to donate one time after two attempts.  It was way back in 1996.  I was still with the Immigration Department then.  

It is good to have this booklet again.  At least I know that I have an O positive type of blood. I have attempted quite a few times to donate my precious blood recently.  But always got rejected due to the blood hp level during the first round checking.  Darah sekejap naik sekejap turun.
That reminds me I am due for a medical check up!

If there's a need for O+, just contact me.... tapi depends dengan keupayaan untuk menderma at that very time lah. :)

I came across some interesting reads on our blood type.  Kinda agree with some of the facts. Check it out here
Here are some of it:

Personality Characteristics
Type A
• Presence of mind, serious, patient, calm & cool;
Coherent character, can be relied on & trusted, but stuborn;
• Plan everything out beforehand, and carry out tasks with seriousness and consistency; 
• Try to be fair and find the ideal outcome to any situation;
• Tend to keep themselves separate from others, especially those who don't share their opinions;
• Tend to try and keep their emotions and thoughts hidden from others, and share them only when comfortable.

Type B
• Tend to be exceedingly curious about everything;
• Are easily vexed and grow exasperated if things don't go the way they want them to go;
• Usually have a strong drive to be the best at whatever they set their mind to doing; however, they also tend to neglect other tasks for the sake of whatever they are focusing on;
• Have a hard time multi-tasking;
• Tend to be loners, and keep themselves isolated from others;

Type AB
• Usually gentle and emotionally sensitive;
• Are very empathetic and careful when dealing with other people, taking care to consider the other point of view;
• Easily become lost in thought;
• Are sometimes looked at as having 2 personalities, because they tend to keep their true selves hidden from strangers;
• They have many friends, but also require time alone.

Type O

• Are usually the "cheerleader" of the group;
•Tend to be more followers than leaders, accepting whatever the plan is and going alone with it without protest;
• Very generous and kindhearted;
• Generally well-liked by most people;
• Very flexible, and adapt easily to change;
• They are easily influenced by others, as well as perceived authorities, such as television personalities;
• Generally trustworthy, but can sometimes make mistakes due to lapses of focus.

So, what is your type?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Tombol tertanggal. Terlopong.

Dah seminggu dah pintu bilikku terlopong sebegini.
Puncanya pintu terkunci dan kami tak dapat cari kunci bilik.
Barry berhempas pulas tried to open the door.
Ketuk dengan tukul.  Tendang.  Tolak.  Sampei manas merengus.
In the end he managed to but this is the result.

Dah beli dah tombol pintu baru.
Aku tengok Barry.  Barry tunggu aku.  Siapa nak pasang?
Our late handyman, Daddy must be smiling from above.

Late daddy tak sempat ajar Barry this part.  Belum sampai chapter tu kot.
Tapi dia dah showed Barry how to tukar the mentol rosak.
He even gave Barry a set of handy tools.

Ohhh tedah.... nok nama sik da laki agi tok.
Mau tak mau, aku kena juga buka manual yang tersedia bersama set tombol tadi.
Ok... let it be this weekend's project.  I know I can do it.

Susah-susah sangat aku kenyit je mata kat orang sebelah minta tolong dia fix kan nanti.... hehehehe

Atau, any volunteer?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Give way lah!

Mode ngerepak.

I think we all drivers always encounter 'orang tak bagi way nak keluar simpang'.
Heran aku.  Apa salahnya you slowkan sikit kereta you and bagi way kat kereta yang nak keluar simpang.  You tak mahu bagi 2 -3 kereta jalan, you give way to one car pun jadilah.  Then yang belakang give way to another car.  Kan best kalau semua drivers are considerate and kind drivers. Aman jalanraya.

Jalan nak keluar simpang ke main road dari rumah makku....
Dan selalunya yang tak nak give way bila kita keluar simpang atau roundabout, adalah young lady drivers and budak laki muda drive kereta mak bapaknya.  This morning, a young lady driver bawa keta viva masih baru plat numbernya mati-mati tak nak give way walaupun masih terpampang lesen P!  Eskyen nak mampos kau beb... Bukan nak mengata... I was a kancil driver too dulu, and even rusa!  Rock lah sangat masa bawa van rusa!

I consider myself seorang driver yang prihatin dan baik hati...hahaha.
Aku juga adalah driver yang selalu melalak buat concert sendiri dalam kereta sambil swaying to the left and to the right.  Itu stress release therapy namanya.  Tapi hanya bila aku seorang diri!
I selalu give way, happy bila orang senyum dan angkat tangan kat you in a way saying thank you.
Bukankah itu sudah satu pahala?
BUT... menyumpah juga kadang kala bila kita give way, si driver tu buat muka eksyen lagi tak toleh-toleh.

Jomlah kita berbudibahasa di jalanraya... tak terbazir pun minyak keretamu.

National Geographic POD