Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BAsiC and SiMPLe Beef Macarena ehhh MacArOnI

Suka makan spegeti? 
And how much do you usually pay for it? RM9 per plate more or less.
And that it just for one portion.

My kids love to eat this menu.  And it is the simplest meal to prepare.  Less than half and hour if you have all the ingredients ready.
My ingredients are basic.  Yes very BASIC.  

5 ingredients only:
- Pasta ( I use macaroni) - RM3.40 per packet
- Spaghetti sauce (Prego) - RM7.80 per bottle
- Minced beef or chicken - RM10.00
- One big onion - RM0.50
- 2 pieces of cheese - RM2.00

Total cost roughly about RM24.00.  But this portion can serve 5-7 people.  And if I cook this, the three of us will be eating it for the whole day, or dinner and breakfast if I cook it in the evening.  Optionally, you can add in the mushroom, yellow and green peppers and more cheese.

To prepare the gravy/sauce:

1.  Fry the chopped onion. 
2.  Stir in the minced meat.
3.  Pour in the Prego sauce.
4.  Pour in some water.
5.  Let it simmer (I will dash in some Maggi Cukup Rasa at this point).
6.  Put 2 slices of cheese and let it melt (ini untuk menambah kelemakan kuah spegeti anda).
To cook the macaroni:

1.  Boil water in a pot.  Put in some oil and salt!
2.  Throw in the packet of macaroni.  Dont forget to stir now and then.
3.  Once the macaroni is the double its size, it is cooked.

HOLA! Serve it and dig in!

Easy measy peasy..... 

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Daddy's Scrapbook

He was a man of wisdom.  Tried his best to be one.  
He did.  And the learning process towards that never stop until his last breath.

Extracted from the Wikipedia, the meaning of wisdom:
Wisdom (sophia) is the ability to think and act using knowledgeexperienceunderstandingcommon sense, and insight,[1] with good intentions. Wisdom has been regarded as one of four cardinal virtues; and as a virtue, it is a habit or disposition to perform the action with the highest degree of adequacy under any given circumstance. This implies a possession of knowledge or the seeking thereof in order to apply it to the given circumstance. This involves an understanding of people, things, events, situations, and the willingness as well as the ability to apply perception, judgement, and action in keeping with the understanding of what is the optimal course of action. It often requires control of one's emotional reactions (the "passions") so that the universal principle of reason prevails to determine one's action. In short, wisdom is a disposition to find the truth coupled with an optimum judgement as to what action should be taken in order to deliver the correct outcome.

As if he knew that he was going to leave us, his kids especially.
He handed over his precious scrapbook to Barry when he started to fall sick in early August, 2013.
He left us on 17 September 2013.
(Damn... I am shedding tears as I am typing this entry.)
A simple notebook.  He filled it up with newspaper cuttings on life quotes, recipes, tips on how to improve your health and well being and his interest on agriculture.  Also, he wrote and scribbled some of the quotes he copied from his findings in the internet and through his reading. For sure it took him quite some time and effort to compile all that.
Barry may not need this book now.  He may not bother to read it yet.  I am very sure he will value this treasure from his late daddy as he grows wiser.  I am going to keep it for the time being, together with the late's other collection items in the display cabinet at the corner of our living room.

May his soul rest in peace....
We love you.  We miss you.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


All of us like to eat fried rice right?
There are so many types of fried rice - yong chow fried rice, seafood fried rice, nasi goreng ayam, nasi goreng dabai, nasi goreng belacan, nasi goreng kampung, name it.... semua ada.
I still remember back then, my nenek used to fry 'nasi aruk".
She fried the rice with ikan bilis and put sugar..... yes sugar. If I'm not mistaken no oil used to fry. Goreng kering je beb.  Nyaman juak bah.  Tambah cili.... lalu orgarsm kekenyangan, puas.

Kalau dulu nasi goreng selalunya jadi menu sarapan pagi.  Nowadays, menu tengah malam pun ada kalau kat kedai mamak.

Meh... let me share my Nasi Goreng Sardin recipe.  Simple and fast, no fuss.
5 or less ingredients jer.... 

a. Nasi sejuk (jangan guna nasi panas, tak sedap, nasi goreng jadi lembab)
b. 2- 3 eggs (kalau you suka telur put lebih lah, the more the merrier but jangan sampai resepi bertukar jadi telur goreng nasi bersardin)
c. Sayur - boleh guna kacang panjang, kacang buncis, carrot atau kesemuanya jika tamak, dihiris halus
d. Sardin - depends on your choice of brand.  Banyak di pasaran. Ambil isi nya aja.  Pecah deraikan,
e.  Most importantly.... MAGGI Cukup Rasa

Cuba you tengok list tu.  Akak tak guna bawang dik oi... 
Semenjak kekanda ku pergi, akak jarang masak kat rumah.  Tiap kali beli bawang putih bawang rumah, akak selalu terkejut dapur akak terhias daun bunga bawang.... hehehehe.
Kini, akak simpan bawang besar je kat rumah.  Alternatifnya guna Cukup Rasa sebagai pengganti bawang.  
Sama ke rasa masakan berbawang fresh ngan tidak?  Sama je dek non.... yang penting kepakaran you merasa makanan untuk mencapai ke'uummmppphhh'an nyer.  Bila part ni, memang totally depend ngan air tangan masing-masing.  Akak tak dapat tolong.  Ni dah consider personal skill.  Akak boleh cium je masakan untuk tahu cukup masin or perasa makanan itu.  Menar eh... sik ku bulak.

La..... belum tuang minyak, akak dah menggoreng rupanya.  Berangan nak jadi Rachel Ray dah ...

Let's cooking...

1.  Pour cooking oil into the wok.  Biar minyak panas.  Then throw in the beaten eggs.  Stir.  Throw in the sliced long beans.  Stir again.
2.  Dash in the MAGGI Cukup Rasa, about 3-4 teaspoons.


3.  Pour in the rice.  Kacau hingga mesra.

4.  Tuangkan sardin yang telah dideari-deraikan, minus the gravy.  I like it kasar-kasar. Stir hingga mesra again.  I dashed in some cut chilies  here to make it pedas a little bit.

5.  Tadaa.... siap dah.  Simple kan?  As easy as one two three... :)

See..... the happy face of my makan buddy, MsCyril whom I invited to the house to help me eat the Nasi Goreng Sardin and  Kuey Tiaw Goreng.  I cooked a lot that morning, as if for consumption of 10 pax.  Terbiasa sudah sebab keluarga ramai.  But that day only kita 3 beranak je kat rumah mak bapak kita.

Selamat mencuba!

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