Wednesday, April 16, 2014

SELFIES no more. Let's take an USIE now!!

What is 'Usie'?

A group selfie; a picture one takes with themselves and many others in the photo. One takes an usie to be silly with friends and have fun taking random pictures of themselves.

Guys, let’s take an usie!! 

‘Usies’ are of the opinion that two is better than one. An “usie” is a group selfie, where someone takes a picture of themselves with other people in the shot…[O]ne person in the picture has to be taking the photo, so the pictures still have that selfie signature outstretched arm.

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Bear with me when you browse the photos below.
Hahahaha..... we were having fun doing the usie.

First let me introduce the members of Songkran 2014 Travel Buddies.

             MsCyril                 MrGerald                  MrHagen                  MsTia

MsCyril and I are colleagues.  She was my sister's ex-classmate in secondary school.
She is now my traveling partner, also zumba and happy hour partner.  She is of Bidayuh and Chinese mix.

MrGerald is MrHagen traveling partner.  This trip is their fifth trip to Thailand.  The three of us did go for a trip together to KL-Genting four to five years ago.  He is of Iban and Chinese mix.

MrHagen is my ex-colleague.  He is of Bidayuh and Melanau mix.  His father was my ex-colleague too when I was working with a federal department before.  Both of us were members of the Dirty Dozen, a group of executives in our previous section, Business Development.  He is the walking yellow pages and google to us.

I am a pure Iban.

This is not usie.  Macam cover album pulak this photo.  So cute and awesome.  Puji sendiri. The group name..... ermmmm... how about "The Sexy Mamas and The Two Bachelors"?

U selfie.  I selfie. He selfies. She selfies. We usie!!
I vote the pic above as the best usie!

Now..... let's enjoy the 'USIE'

USIE makan time....

USIE random...

USIE in the temples...

USIE at the Bangkok Train System - the station, inside the train, the steps

Some nice quotes to share:

A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles - Tim Cahill

Once a year, go someplace you have never been before - Dalai Lama

Travel often: Getting lost will help you find yourself.

Our next trip will be....... Care to join us?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Padthai and not enough Baht!

Just came back from my holiday from the City of Angel.
Went there to experience the famous Songkran festival with a group of good friends who are weirdo, happy go lucky, selamba dek and cray cray.
Will talk more on the main actors and actress in later posts.

Of all the things I wanna talk about first is the food!!
Food is cheap and damn delicious in Bangkok.

We are not picky eaters.  So we ate like the locals and other foreigners did. We went for street foods. Simple but delish and cheap!
The popular street food are the pork soup noodle and omelette with rice.  Mostly will cost you about 40 baht. The soup is tasty and hearty.  You will want to come back for more.
And not forgetting...... the tom yam!  Alamak.... never never  never can lupa this one! This soup is always taste much better at its own origin.

Padthai is a must try! Also, the mango or papaya salad..... the list goes on and on....

Yesterday, MsCyril and I took the earlier flight to go Kul-Kch.  We took the simple breakfast at the hotel. So after checked in our luggages and while waiting to enter the departure hall, I told her to finish our baht on food. So, we went to the makan place and everything looked yummy.  We ordered and ordered... photo below are what we ate, not in the pic is the dessert.  

When the bill came, the total was 880 baht.  Took our baht and OMG!!!..... we had only 720 baht.  Not enough!
La..... takkan nak cuci pinggan, takkan nak kasi jam.... hehehe
Mau tak mau..... I asked Cyril to go to the money changer and exchange RM50 to top up the bill. This is really makan tak hengat dunia and tak check pocket!!

Some of the photos on food.... there is a lot more..

The weather was hot during our stay.  My kilang peluh really worked in full operation.  We drank a lot of water and juices.  Yes... juices as fruits are plenty and cheap.  The drinks, juices and shakes were damn sedap and refreshing.  I could slurp 2 bottles....

The Thai cola taste better lah..... hahahaha.  To me lah...
I can still taste the coolness of the mango n mint shake going down my throat.... sedap yo! Dan juga the coconut ice cream....

Monday, April 07, 2014

Remembering. Missing.

Cengal is Daddy’s little girl
She locked herself in her room yesterday
She came out with tears in her eyes
I know some days the pain is stronger 
It makes her weak
When she can’t stand this much longer
She just sit down and weep

Barry is a strong young man
He may hide
He may not show
But I know he misses his daddy too

Six months have passed
We will never forget the day
That you’d gone away
The hurt is the same
Like an open wound
There are days
I just don’t utter a sound
We will always love you
We love you now
As we did back then
Now when asked “how are you?”
There is no need to pretend
Forever in our heart
We all love and miss you so much, sleep well

National Geographic POD