Thursday, February 12, 2015

Give way lah!

Mode ngerepak.

I think we all drivers always encounter 'orang tak bagi way nak keluar simpang'.
Heran aku.  Apa salahnya you slowkan sikit kereta you and bagi way kat kereta yang nak keluar simpang.  You tak mahu bagi 2 -3 kereta jalan, you give way to one car pun jadilah.  Then yang belakang give way to another car.  Kan best kalau semua drivers are considerate and kind drivers. Aman jalanraya.

Jalan nak keluar simpang ke main road dari rumah makku....
Dan selalunya yang tak nak give way bila kita keluar simpang atau roundabout, adalah young lady drivers and budak laki muda drive kereta mak bapaknya.  This morning, a young lady driver bawa keta viva masih baru plat numbernya mati-mati tak nak give way walaupun masih terpampang lesen P!  Eskyen nak mampos kau beb... Bukan nak mengata... I was a kancil driver too dulu, and even rusa!  Rock lah sangat masa bawa van rusa!

I consider myself seorang driver yang prihatin dan baik hati...hahaha.
Aku juga adalah driver yang selalu melalak buat concert sendiri dalam kereta sambil swaying to the left and to the right.  Itu stress release therapy namanya.  Tapi hanya bila aku seorang diri!
I selalu give way, happy bila orang senyum dan angkat tangan kat you in a way saying thank you.
Bukankah itu sudah satu pahala?
BUT... menyumpah juga kadang kala bila kita give way, si driver tu buat muka eksyen lagi tak toleh-toleh.

Jomlah kita berbudibahasa di jalanraya... tak terbazir pun minyak keretamu.

Friday, February 06, 2015

I am BOOTless for the Miri Country Music Fest 2015 !!


Yes, Miri I'm coming. I have not been to Miri for more than 10 years I guess. So, I will come galloping all the way from Kuching...hahaha.

Being a very particular person in ensuring that I dress up appropriately for the concert, hell yeah I do think about what to wear.  If I cant score 10 out of 10 in following the theme, at least I pass the average.  It is just me.

These are basic items that will complete your country style.
A pair of jean, checkered shirt, a pair of boot and a cowboy hat!
Shall I dress'less' sexily?

This is cute and damn sexy!!! Photo from Google.
Shall I dress to kill?
Photo from Google.
I love to dress like this. I have the boobs but then I have a very comfy pillow like stomach to lie on!
  Shall I dress decently and shyly?

Photo from Google.
Yes!! This is more like me...:)
Photo from Google.
I would prefer to dress up like this but I have to lose 20kgs first! Next year babe...
Well, just dress the way you like it babe... as long as you are comfortable and easy to swing or sway and groove your body to the country music.  

The sad thing is, I don't have a pair of boot.  I am bootless. Been hunting for one.  Did try to look for one during my adventure to Chatuchak Market last year.   The place is so damn big and MsCyril and I tried to look for the shop but to no avail.  Well..... we can still have fun!

I booked the flight ticket to Miri way back in November.  Thereafter, I have been persuading my two lovely cowgirls and partners in crime, MsCyril and MsAngeli to go with me.  And I am successful! Yes.... we are going to paint the Miri town red! I am going on my own and not under the roof of Sarawak Bloggers BUT I will be meeting the Kuching and Miri bloggers there.

Looking forward to enjoy the great country music being performed by our very own local bands and also international ones.

Gonna share the great experience and photos next!  Until then..... yeehawwwww!!!

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